The Designer Agency Blueprint



Our course is nothing like the ones you have seen before. We take the success of our students very seriously so we decided to really focus on the things that students need to create a sustainable design agency.  Some of the things we offer our students are:

  • Textbooks + workbooks.

  • It’s pass / fail with assessments.

  • There are cash incentives for being top of the class.

  • Each student that passes will be given a new client and project so they make an immediate ROI.

  • We are only taking 5 people at a time.

  • There will be ongoing mentorship and opportunities. 

The Course Includes:

8 Modules

module 1

Your master business plan

  • Specialty targeting your niche, market, and ideal projects

  • Optimizing your brand and website to attract higher-paying clients

  • Legal necessities to help you scale safely

module 2

  • Identifying your ideal high-ticket client

  • Manifesting connections with your own content

  • Direct outreach

  • Building a massive following in which you’re the authority

Attracting high-ticket clients

module 3

  • Transforming your services to the high ticket level

  • Raising rates and revenue planning

  • Pricing psychology

  • Creating an offer suite to increase the lifetime value of each client

Creating a luxury offer suite

module 4

Sales call strategy

  • The roadmap to our high converting sales calls that have brought in over $30K months

  • Pitching at the luxury level

  • Reducing barriers to booking with a strategic funnel

  • Building a massive following in which you’re the authority

module 5

Systems optimization

  • A BTS of the exact CRM processes we use

  • Taking your project management to the next level of efficiency

  • Automations that’ll take work off of your plate

module 6

  • How to set yourself apart from competitors as THE high-ticket designer

  • How to nail your client’s vision every single time

  • Enforcing your boundaries

  • Leave them wanting more

Obsession-worthy client experience

module 7

  • How to build, prime, and sell to a list of hot leads

  • Our proprietary system for tracking your leads

  • Converting followers into clients

Marketing mastery

module 8

Continuous growth tactics

  • The best source of passive income for your unique business

  • How to make money in your sleep as a designer

  • The funnels, processes, and templates you need to sell your offers passively