Build Your Dream Design Agency

There is nothing more exciting than getting a lead or a referral. You go and meet with the client and everything goes well. Your client loves your work and their project sounds great. The problem arises when the client's expectations and yours differ greatly over price. You believe that the total cost of work involved to pull everything together should be at least several thousand dollars.  The client believes he has a budget of just a couple hundred dollars. How does this happen?



The reason your vision and expectations are so different from those of your client -- especially in regards to the budget -- is almost always your marketing. Ask yourself these questions to gain some clarity on how you define yourself:

What do you say when someone asks what you do?

What would your clients say if someone asked what you do?

Looking at your own website, who do you think it says you are?

Do you tend to list technical services when answering these questions?

The majority of web designers market their services and the tools they can use.

On your website, the homepage may ask if clients are interested in services such as graphic design, branding, or social media marketing.



Instead, start by talking about how you assist people in growing their businesses.

You will then have a "Services" page that lists all the technical skills and services you provide. Once upon a time, listing these skills on your home page worked because skills alone were very valuable. Unfortunately, those technical skills have become commodities, and commodities are cheap.

Furthermore, the clients you probably want to work with do not have the ability to distinguish between your professional level of service and all the cheap alternatives available. Here's the bottom line. When you market your skills and services, you will attract people looking for low-budget solutions. Learn more in our Masterclass below.


secure and retain high-ticket clients

The Design Agency Blueprint 

Our course is focused on teaching you the right customer journey to secure your ideal client We will teach you how we became a Wix top 100 Design Partner. Our clients have been seen in Forbes, GQ, and National Ads and are CEO's of billion-dollar companies! The best part is you don't have to do this alone! During the course, you will have 1 on 1 Mentorship from me directly and by the end of the course, we will have a client for you based on your skillset. That means an immediate return on your investment and the tools you need to sustain your new business.