Terms & Conditions

When using our site or by making an order through Wix Designer Studio you agree to the following terms and conditions - LAST UPDATED 11/01/2022


 When I purchase a website how do I get access?

You will get a preview link of your website that gives you the option to add notes. Once you approve your final website design your website will be transferred to you via wix.

 These files will then be sent to you by secure transfer with a link to download them.

*All websites must be completed within 45 days unless otherwise agreed upon between the customer and The Wix Designer Studio Team.

 What's the next stage after I receive my website?

We will schedule a time for your free onboarding. If you miss your free appointment there will be a $50 an hour fee to reschedule


 How long does it take to get my finished website?

 Due to demand, we will send 1 design draft for your website within 7 business days if you have your content ready (if you purchase during a sale event then this could go to 14 days depending on the volume of orders). 

 Once you get back to us with your decision we will invoice you for any balance owed and transfer your website.

So 14 days maximum but we usually have it done in 7 days as we like to please.

What we do like to say is “Your branding is forever and it is more important to get it right than it is to get it quickly” - Please be patient as the wait will be worth it

 *The Order Form that gives us the details we need to complete your designs must be submitted within 7 days from the time of purchase

 *The content form must be submitted within 14 days of purchasing your website.

 *All orders need to be completed within 45 days or the retainer is forfeited and you will need to start over.


What if I don’t like the website design what's your refund policy?

 This is very rare and we will work with you to create something you really like. Due to copyright and some customers who have tried using their websites or even filed disputes after receiving their website, we do not give refunds on website designs. However, in the rare event, we cannot create something you like at the design stage then we will happily work with you to make a design you love

*Once the content forms have been sent out then the job is in progress.

*Any refund requests for orders where no information has been submitted and the order has not started need to be requested within must be requested within 14 days.


Payment Case Terms for Wix Designer Studio

 In the event that You or another person on Your behalf opens/commences any PayPal dispute, credit card processor dispute or other similar dispute in relation to the payment of the fee You paid to Us, You agree to close or withdraw such dispute within 24 hours of us, PayPal or any other relevant provider (“Payment Provider”) providing You with evidence that we have sent you the product which include concept designs or communicated any requests or outstanding information.

In the event You do not close or withdraw such dispute, You hereby authorize and direct the Payment Provider to close/withdraw the dispute on the provision of these terms and conditions by Us to the Payment Provider along with a copy of the delivery of the Product by Us to You.

You hereby indemnify Us for any loss or damage suffered by Us as a result of Your failure to comply with Your obligations under this clause. This means that if you open a payment case against us and we provide evidence that we have:

(5.2a) Sent your products including concept designs

(5.2b) You have entered an incorrect email address

(5.2c) We sent you communication advising of an issue

(5.2d) We sent your website transfer via Wix

(5.2e) You fail to follow instructions and fail to submit the order form we request for the website order and your add-on order.

(5.2f) You failed to complete your order or respond within 60 days

…and you fail to close the case then Wix Designer Studio will instruct a personal claim to recover costs through a recovery agency.

You as the customer are responsible for completing the order within 60 days, returning the order form providing us with the relevant information we require to complete your designs or add-on orders, failure to return an order form or failure to provide a correct email address or failure to respond or contact us within 60 days of your order does not entitle the customer to initiate a payment case.

After you make an order with us or an add-on order it is the customers' responsibility to submit the appropriate order form If an order form to commence the start of the order is required.

If at any stage of this process you are missing products or not seeing email correspondence please contact us through the order form here CONTACT US as this method is guaranteed for us to see customer communication.


 I'm all set, how do I order?

 The order options menu is on the home page.


 Can I talk to someone on the phone or video call?

Yes you can book a call here